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Family Nursing Network
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I submit a new construct proposal?

    In order to submit a new proposal, you have to be registered as a member of the Family Nursing Network. Once you've signed up, you can click Submit a Construct on the home page, which will bring you to the construct proposal forum, and there you can start writing your proposal.


    Once I have submitted a proposal, how does it get approved?

    Once you have submitted, the board chair member will read through your proposal and decide if it has all of the requirements to be reviewed by the board. If the chair accepts your proposal, it will then be discussed and then voted on by the board members. Once the board decides whether or not your proposal is fit to be approved as official family construct, it will either be moved to the Approved Constructs forum, where it is open to the public for discussion and review, or moved to the Declined Constructs forum, where you can review the feedback that was provided by the board.


    Who are the members of the Family Nursing Network Board?

    The Family Nursing Network Board consists of faculty members of the Minnesota State University College of Allied Health & Nursing. You can learn more about them at the Family Nursing Network About Us page


    Can I see other member's construct proposals?

    Every member who submits can only see their own proposals until it has been approved by the Family Nursing Network Board. This is ensure that the approval process is only between each individual and the board, so that feedback can be provided in a structured manner. Once a proposal has been approved, it is then opened to everyone for discussion.  





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