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  • C R I S I I S - online module

    Connecting and Reflecting In Student International Interactive Study-groups


  • The CRISIIS Module has been offered since 2017 and started as an initiative between Minnesota State University, Mankato and the University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim in the Netherlands.

    The initial offering includes 75 students and two Universities. From this point on the module has steadily grown. Currently over 250 students are participating and it is estimated that well over 1000 team of students have worked together.  The online module is an outstanding opportunity to connect with other health care students around the world and gain a better understanding of different cultures and health systems. 

    Students have been overwhelmingly positive and have expressed their enthusiasm not only with learning from students in different parts of world but also with the friendships that have evolved from their working together.

  • These are the partner institutions with students involved: 

    • Austria, St. Pölten, University of Applied Sciences
    • Austria, Salzburg, University of Applied Sciences 
    • Austria, Klagenfurt University
    • Belgium, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts
    • Belgium, Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
    • Denmark, UCL University College, Odense
    • Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences
    • Japan, Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University
    • USA, Augsburg University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    • USA, Bethany College, Mankato, Minnesota
    • USA, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota
    • South Africa, University of Fort Hare, East London
    • South Africa, University of Pretoria, Pretoria
    • Thailand, Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing, Bangkok
    • The Netherlands, University of Applied Sciences Windesheim

    Please contact us if you want to be added to this list!

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