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    We are using this forum to develop and share knowledge related to families and nursing in the local, regional, and global arena. Our goal is to create dialogue and advance understandings that will influence nursing practice, education, and research with families.

    We believe individuals with expertise in an area of family or nursing can broaden, narrow or refine the definition of a family constructs. Experts in an area can propose new constructs. Based on theoretical or research findings, individuals can offer additions and revisions in nursing actions and particular actions with a family.



    The Family Nursing Research Team at Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU) formed in the 1990s to investigate family health and illness experiences and advance nursing practice focused on families. This team conducted multiple investigations of families living with chronic and acute illness. Study findings described family experiences and processes that families use maintain and regain health. Currently multiple teams at MSM are conducting research, education, and practice projects focused on families and nursing care of families. 

    This early research team also wanted to explore how to best teach family nursing in order to improve family health and nursing practice with families. One of the core educational components that we have developed at MSM along with Dr. Sonja Meiers at Winona State University is framework of family nursing constructs.The Family Nursing Constructs Framework was created as a coherent and comprehensive approach to course development, thus creating a common language for faculty and students. 

    This framework is not inclusive or exhaustive, but always evolving. This approach to education and pedagogies allows faculty to utilize a variety of nursing theories, family nursing models, and family theories. This Framework enables faculty to identify the science of family nursing and practice elements that most clearly align with their course, clinical setting, and direction. 

    Family Nursing Constructs Framework

    • Creates a coherent approach and common language
    • Provides a broad and encompassing approach (Burns & Grove, 2009)
    • Addresses family nursing science and family nursing practice actions
    • Aligns with multiple theoretical frameworks


    Executive Group

    Sonja Meiers

    Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Nursing 
    Winona State University-Rochester 
    859 30th Avenue South East 
    Rochester, MN 55904-4497 
    Phone: 507-536-5671 
    Fax: 507-292-5127 

    Sandra Eggenberger 

    Director Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society
    Professor School of Nursing
    360 Wissink Hall and 351 7700 France
    School of Nursing
    Minnesota State University Mankato, Mankato, MN, USA 56001
    Phone: 940-206-0079 (mobile) 507-389-6821 (Mankato office) 952-818-8885 (Edina office) Fax: 507-389-6516

    Norma Krumwiede

    Professor School of Nursing
    354 Wissink Hall
    School of Nursing
    Minnesota State University Mankato, Mankato, MN, USA 56001
    Phone: 507-389-6822


    Expert Panel Gathered by Executive Group for Each Family Construct

    1. Executive Group accepts constructs from network
    2. Construct is distributed to Expert Panel
    3. Board to vote, distribute and implement and/or evaluation process
    4. Board role is also to monitor the forum

    Once a construct is accepted it will go to one of the following areas:

    1. Family construct forum
    2. Family construct literature repository 
    3. Family construct case examples
    4. Family nursing tenants
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    Family Focused,
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    One of the guiding missions of The Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society is testing and disseminating curriculum and nursing education pedagogies.


    Dr. Sandra Eggenberger, Director of Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family and Society


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