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Family Nursing Network
  • Family Nursing Network

    We are using this forum to develop and share knowledge related to families and nursing in the local, regional, and global arena. Our goal is to create dialogue and advance understandings that will influence nursing practice, education, and research with families.

    We believe individuals with expertise in an area of family or nursing can broaden, narrow or refine the definition of a family constructs. Experts in an area can propose new constructs. Based on theoretical or research findings, individuals can offer additions and revisions in nursing actions and particular actions with a family.


    Family Constructs

    Family Constructs are meant to provide a framework for family nursing practices and aim to accomplish the following:

    • Create a coherent approach and common language
    • Provide a broad and encompassing approach (Burns & Grove, 2009)
    • Address family nursing science and family nursing practice actions
    • Align with multiple theoretical frameworks


    The Family Nursing Network provides the infrastructure for the community to both revise and review existing family constructs and submit new family constructs. With the support and contributions of the nursing community, we can continue to develop the framework of family constructs for family nursing practice.

    • Refine Existing Constructs
      • Under the Proposed Constructs forum, previously submitted constructs are under review. This is where the community can contribute to the development and refinement of each construct proposed in the forum. The forum aims to foster discussion around the theoretical and research findings that support the construct, as well as the definition, nursing context, and actions that the construct outlines. After a thorough revision process, constructs can be either approved or denied by the Family Nursing Network review board. 


    • Submit New Constructs
      • After you have contributed to the revision and refinement of the existing constructs, we strongly encourage you to contribute a developed construct yourself! Each construct will consist of the following items: a definition, a nursing context in which the construct is applicable, actions that a nurse should take, the research references, and any notes you may have. You can see an example construct here. Once you have submitted your construct, it will be available for the members of the Family Nursing Network to review and refine. Once revision has taken place, it will either be approved or denied for resubmission by the Family Nursing Network review board.
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