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Family Nursing Network
    Connecting and Reflecting in Student International Interactive Study Groups
    Semester 1

    Welcome to our network of international study groups who help each other grow as global thinkers. Our goal is connecting international students from interdisciplinary programs and reflecting together throughout this all-semester activity.


    Countries from South Africa, Europe, Asia and the US are participation in the CRISIIS module. Then the groups are put together based on the time of the semester and students' availability who are participating in the CRISIIS module. Depending on the universities participating each semester, the country's students are collaborating with will be different each semester.


    CRISIIS is an interdisciplinary module. Nursing students are the majority of the students joining, but radiographers, physiotherapist, occupational therapy and biomedical laboratory science students are also part the CRISIIS module. All heath care professions are very welcome to join the module.


    The CRISIIS module can be integrated into the universities curriculum or it and be a voluntary “Internationalization at Home (IaH) activity for students as CRISIIS is also a COIL. For more information on COIL tab above.

    The CRISIIS module is highly flexible, it can fit into any educational setting or curriculum with an aspect of internationalization, interdisciplinary activities or classes on crisis in general. Students work with four mandatory parts of the module, and then the remaining part can be customized to an individualized university. If you have any questions on how the CRISIIS module can be adjusted into your curriculum, please contact the Prof. Hans DeRuiter or Lynn Kuechle at taylornursinginstitute@mnsu.edu.


  • Getting started

    How this works

    • The course has 32 hours of experiential learning time. 
    • There's six parts. 
    • Each part has a graded assignment.
    • Pairs of students from different countries meet at a time they choose to engage about learning topics.
    • You guessed it! There's scheduling involved (more about this in the Teams section).
    • We interact with each other using a couple different technologies (see next section).

    How we interact

    During our time together, there's a few technologies we can use to communicate even though we're spread across the world. 

    • Teams. Faculty can access our shared documents and interact with other CRISIIS faculty members. 
    • CRISIIS club. This is our main information hub.  You can checkout the topics and conversations going on in the club by clicking on CRISIIS Club link on the right side of this page. 
    • Video chat.  Once we get into meeting with each other, zoom or Microsoft Teams are great options.  If you don't have a great internet connection, don't worry. That's OK. 
    • Whatsapp. This is a great option for everyone to communicate via text.  If internet isn't great in your area, Whatsapp is a great option.  




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