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  • Collaborative Online International Learning
     - connecting students across the world with just one click!

    A COIL is an acronym for Collaborative Online International Learning, and connects students with other students across the world in a virtual setting. 
    COIL’s covers a broad spectrum of student’s activities where students connect online and with international students. The is only two criteria that needs to be in place in order to use the tem COIL and those are 1) the collaboration has to be in an online setting no matter the media and 2) there has to be an international collaboration taking place. All the above the CRISIIS module meets and is in fact a COIL. 

    COIL is a brilliant tool to reduce barriers of distance and to connect students with the purpose to offer them an international perspective on their own profession. Furthermore, for those students whose native language is not English, this is an affordable and easy accessible way to enhance student’s linguistic competences. 

    When students are participating in a COIL, they will also expand their cross-cultural competence and intercultural capability giving them an international outlook and outreach. COIL uses different communications channels for the online collaboration to take place. Students will improve their technology skills and understanding. 

    If there is not an international element present in the setup, a COIL can also be used as blended learning at the home institution. In addition, it is worth noticing that COIL is also an Internationalization at Home (IaH) activity. 

    YouTube video: What is COIL?

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