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  • What is a Family Nursing Construct?

    A family nursing construct is an abstraction or mental representation inferred from family health or family care focused situations or behaviors. (Polit and Beck, 2008; Abate, 2002)

  • Family Transitions

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    Lynn Kuechle

    (Meleis, 2010)

    The period in which a change is perceived by a family member or others; denotes a change in needs, health status, expectation or abilities that require new knowledge or change in behaviors (Meleis, 1986; 1991). Often characterized by changes in social support; loss of reference points; new needs or changes in prior needs (Meleis, 2010, p. 42).  Explore individual and family events and development creating family transitions

    ·        Discuss family patterns that are being disrupted

    ·        Assess change occurring within the family that may influence the health and illness experience

    ·        Identify key family celebrations and routines that should be recognized

    ·        Explain environments and elements of the experience

    ·        Assist family to plan for transitions

    ·        Explore what information would be the most helpful at this time

    ·        Assume the role of family advocate when necessary (Eggenberger & Nelms, 2007)

    ·        Help family advocate for their ill family member (Meiers & Brauer, 2008)

    ·        Acknowledge the family’s sense of feeling wounded (Goetzke, Parks, & Person, 2014)

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