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  • What is a Family Nursing Construct?

    A family nursing construct is an abstraction or mental representation inferred from family health or family care focused situations or behaviors. (Polit and Beck, 2008; Abate, 2002)

  • Family Structure

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    Lynn Kuechle

    Family composition and context of the family (Wright and Leahey, 2014). Internal structure includes family composition, gender, rank order, sexual orientation, subsystems and boundaries (Wright and Leahey, 2014, p. 54). External structure includes extended family and larger systems (Wright and Leahey, 2014, p. 64).  Develop and discuss genogram and ecomap with family

    ·        Conduct a brief 15 minute interview including therapeutic conversation (Svavarsdottir, Tryggvadottir, & Sigurdardottir, 2012; Wright & Leahey, 2013; Wright & Bell, 2009)


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