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  • What is a Family Nursing Construct?

    A family nursing construct is an abstraction or mental representation inferred from family health or family care focused situations or behaviors. (Polit and Beck, 2008; Abate, 2002)

  • Family Coping

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    Lynn Kuechle

    (Boss, 2002; Lazarus & Folkman, 1984; McCubbin & McCubbin, 1993)

    Explore family processes, such as communication, connection, coordination that may influence coping (Denham, 2003)

    ·        Examine factors that increase protection of family

    ·        Identify factors that pose rise for family

    ·        Discuss meaning of events to individual and family

    ·        Dialogue about family past experiences that may influence current experience

    ·        Identify individual and family unit perception of resources

    ·        Explore individual and family unit perception of support

    ·        Suggest coping techniques that are acceptable to the family, such as support groups, activities, gathering information and helping family members

    ·        Guide family in communication about processes that will support coping

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