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  • What is a Family Nursing Construct?

    A family nursing construct is an abstraction or mental representation inferred from family health or family care focused situations or behaviors. (Polit and Beck, 2008; Abate, 2002)

  • Family Burden

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    Lynn Kuechle

    (Goodew, Isaacson, & Miller, 2013)

    Family burden occurs when there is an imbalance in the perceived demands of managing the chronic illness and resources to meet those demands; burden and can cause a sense of bearing a load, stress, or worry (Goodew, Isaacson, & Miller, 2013).

    ·        Assess family members for perceptions of stress

    ·        Accompany the family as they explore their sources of family stress

    ·        Explore the family’s perceived demands and missing resources; discuss the family’s ideas for which missing resources would be most helpful and seek ways to access support from community and extended family support

    ·        Explore with family the meanings of illness, events, and experiences to members

    ·        Provide consistent information with a credible approach

    ·        Give updates at regular intervals and explain time frame to expect next update on next update of information

    ·        Help family members explore their individual understandings and interpretations

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